How do I obtain the email full headers?

  • CommuniGate Pro Web Mail
    • To display the full headers when using the CommuniGate Pro web interface click on the  located in the upper right-hand corner of the address block. A new page will appear displaying the full headers. Copy this information, close the window, press Foward. The mail sending screen will appear. Paste the header, previously copied, into the message screen and above "--- the forwarded message follows ---." Send the email to either of the addresses above.

  • Outlook Express

    To get the header information that 'came' with the email, highlight the email in the box and 'right click' on it. Down at the bottom of that popup menu, left click on "Options". This displays the 'full header information' with the IP number and other information needed.

  • Eudora

    In Eudora, in order to display full headers you first double-click on the message in question so that it opens. When you do this, it presents the body of the message with an editable subject bar at the top. Left of the subject bar are four action buttons. Place your mouse arrow over the third button (from left to right), and it presents to you the phrase...."Show All Headers." Click on it and the regular header at the top of your message window below expands into the full header.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

    In the Mozilla Thunderbird email client,  open the email.  On the menu bar, go to View > Headers and select "All".  The full header will be displayed.

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