Accessing Metisentry email using an iPad or iPhone

Use these settings on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to access your Metisentry email:

  • IMAP Account information
    • Name:   Your Name Here
    • Address:   Your Full Email Address,  ie.
    • Description:  Any description
  • Incoming Mail Server & Settings:
    • Host Name:   either or
    • User Name:  Your full Email Address,  ie.
    • Password:   Your password
    • Use SSL:   ON
    • Authentication:  Password
    • IMAP Path Prefix:  /
    • Server Port: 993
    • S/MIME:  OFF
  • Outgoing Mail Server & Settings
    • Host Name:   either or
    • User Name:  leave this BLANK*
    • Password:  leave this BLANK*
    • Use SSL:  ON
    • Authenticaion:  NONE
    • Server Port:  8329

* Note:  these fields are blank because Metisentry utilizes what's known as "POP before SMTP" authentication.   This means that users are only able to send email through our system after they have successfully logged in and checked their email.   This is the default behavior of iPad/iPhone/iPod devices,  however if you're having any issues sending email with the above settings,  make sure you've checked your email first and then try again.

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