Configuring Spam Assassin in Plesk 10.4

Configuring Spam Assassin for Plesk 10.4 (Server Wide)

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Click "Tools & Settings"
  3. Click "Spam Filter Settings"

Here you can do the following things

  • Whitelist specific email addresses ( or entire email domains (*, these entries will never be blocked by your spam filter.
  • Blacklist specific email address ( or entire email domains (*, this means that your spam filter will always block these domains.
  • Set the sensitivity of your spam filter.  The default setting is 7, increasing this number will make it less sensitive (allowing more email to go through including spam), decreasing it will make it more strict (allowing less email to go through, possibly legitamite email).

*Email is scored based on varibles like correct PTR records, reputation of the sending server's IP address, Subject of the email, content of the email, and email attachments. If an email is bounced due to being targeted as spam, the sender will be alerted and the full headers of the email will include the spam score.

  • Turn on the ability to have individual spam settings for specific email accounts.  This is done by checking the box next to "Apply individual settings to spam filtering" and clicking "OK".


Configuring Spam Assassin for Plesk 10.4 (Individual accounts)

After you have configured Spam Assassin to "Apply individual settings to spam filtering", you will now have the ability to do all the above on a per user basis. Each user will be given the server wide rules by default and can be adjusted by doing the following.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Click "Domains"
  3. Click "Open in Control Panel" for the domain of the user you want to edit
  4. Click the tab for "mail"
  5. Click on the email address you wish to edit. There will be a tab labeled "Spam Filter", Click this tab and check the box "Switch on spam filtering for this e-mail address". You will now be able to control the blacklist, whitelist, and filter sensitivity for this individual account.

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