How do I download my email to my computer from Metisentry?

When someone sends you a message it first comes and is stored on your Metisentry Mail server which is a dedicated computer that's connected to the internet 24/7. To download the emails from the mail server to your computer, you need to use a special program known as an email client. This software lets you connect to the email server, download, compose, send and organize emails. There are tons of such email programs (email clients) available and many of the good ones are free. You may have heard of Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird - these are some popular free email clients.

Metisentry recommends Thunderbird and you can download a copy of Thunderbird from:


Mail Client Configuration

  • Username:the full email address for the user (ie.
  • Password:your user password.  The Webmaster password is your FTP password.  You (the Webmaster) will set up the other users and passwords for your mail domain.
  • Incoming Mail POP server:
  • Incoming Mail IMAP
  • Incoming Mail settings:Enable SSL
  • Outgoing Mail SMTP –or--
  • Outgoing Mail SMTP port: 8329
  • Outgoing Mail SMTP settings:Enable SSL.   Do not use SMTP Authentication.  This is not needed, as our mail server uses “POP before SMTP” authentication only.


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